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Conflicts of Philosophies - ebook

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Conflicts of Philosophies - ebook
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Conflicts of Philosophies. This 2013 text, written by Dr. Joe Strauss, reaches beyond chiropractic to all areas of life. He brings his reader to recognize, examine, and understand his or her over-arching world and life view, draw conclusions, and apply them consistently and appropriately to all issues of life, including health and disease. Each issue of life must be examined through the lens of one"s own world and life view. Consistency is the goal. Dr. Strauss is most anxious that his readers understand that there are two major, opposing world and life views that color all that they do and that they understand the differences. 

Chapters include: 
  • Worlds in Collision
  • Changing Habits
  • Changing Behavior vs. Changing Your World and Life Viewpoint
  • The Health Field
  • Economic Considerations in Health Care
  • Characteristics of the Above-Down
  • Inside-Out Approach to Health
  • Contrasts in Health Care
  • Vitalism vs. Mechanism
  • History of the Conflict
  • Therapeutic vs. Non-Therapeutic Approaches and Causes of Disease
  • Positive Influencing Factors, Science is Mechanistic
  • Individual Worth or Collective Society
  • Conflict of Philosophies within Chiropractic
  • Where are We in Chiropractic?
  • The Established Institutions of Authority
  • The Future of Chiropractic
  • The Role of Government
  • Conservatism and Liberalism
  • The Environment and Environmentalism
  • Charity

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