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Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors ebook

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Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors ebook
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Practice Building for Straight Chiropractors, written by Dr. Joe Strauss, offers invaluable "how-to" information on building a successful straight, objective, non-therapeutic practice. 

 Dr. Strauss writes "There are hundreds of students graduating from chiropractic colleges each year who would like to practice straight chiropractic but have never been taught the principles or the practice. Building a practice is an interesting and enjoyable challenge. If it is viewed as such, frustration and failures can be kept to a minimum. Practicing chiropractic should be fun. They say that success is a journey. I wish you well on your journey." 

Chapter titles include: 
  • How I Built a Successful Practice in Spite of Having a Box on the Wall
  • The Foundation for a Successful Practice
  • The Prerequisite to Success
  • The Problem of Personality
  • Types of Chiropractic Practices
  • Caring and Serving
  • The Fear of Trying
  • Making a Transition
  • The Importance of the Spoken Word
  • Making Chiropractic Relevant
  • Marketing Chiropractic and Your Practice
  • Advertising
  • Getting New Patients
  • The First Visit
  • Patient Education
  • Educating the Staff
  • Sustaining a Practice
  • Fee Systems
  • The Business
  • Getting Started

The book includes an extensive section of Epigrams representing thirty years of accumulation. Some of them are B.J."s and reflect his traditional chiropractic. Some are anti-medical, which objective straight chiropractic is trying to get away from. Dr. Strauss encourages the reader to "choose wisely those that reflect your philosophy and use them where applicable. 

This text, along with Chiropractic Philosophy and Case Management for Straight Chiropractors, forms the basis for a successful practice. Many chiropractors purchase all three at once. 

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