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Reggie: Making the Message Simple eBook

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Reggie: Making the Message Simple eBook
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Reggie: Making the Message Simple portrays the contribution of chiropractic's most articulate philosopher, Dr. Reggie Gold. Dr. Joe Strauss presents the man and the message that most chiropractic colleges in the country were afraid to let their students hear. 

Dr. Strauss writes, "As one interested in the philosophy and the history of the chiropractic profession, particularly that of straight chiropractic, I have been keenly interested in writing this book. It is, hopefully, a chronicle of the recent history of straight chiropractic and the man most closely associated with it." 

He further writes "Some people will be disappointed that this is not a "tell-all" book. It is a book about chiropractic. It happens that Reggie Gold"s life is inextricably woven into the profession." 

Chapter titles include: 
  • London, England to Davenport, Iowa
  • Spring Valley Years
  • The South Carolina Experience
  • ADIO Institute Spinology
  • Getting Back into Chiropractic
  • Visionary/Teacher
  • The Philosophy
  • Reggie
  • Man on a Mission 

Written as a result of many interviews with Reggie who chose the title of the book. 

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