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Weekly Articles Volumes 1 - 6

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Weekly Articles Volumes 1 - 6
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Weekly Patient Articles - Volume I-VI contains over 90 downloadable masters of articles written by Dr. Joe Strauss over many years of practice. They can be printed out on your choice of paper or sent via email to your practice members. Articles are sized 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" on two sides and include photographs and illustrations. Just print and cut. These articles are a great tool to educate your practice members

Download is .zip file containing the separate .pdf files.

Titles include:

Volume I Ð 26 articles
All Aboard
Back Pain
Chiropractic, It"s About Your Back
Deductive Thinking
Do You Want to be Healthy?
Drugs to Treat Drugs
Everything Affects Everything
Frame of Reference
Just When You Thought It Was Safe
Kids & Chiropractic
Post Holiday Thoughts
Preventing Disease
Regular Chiropractic Care
State of Health Care
You are Here
Understanding What We Do
We Must be Doing Something Wrong
What do Chiropractors Do?
What Fools We Mortals Be!
Who's a Body to Believe?
Why is Chiropractic Different?

Volume II -13 articles Dreams are Suspect
If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It
Immunity and Chiropractic
Intervention vs. Non-Intervention
Is Bottled Water Good?
Recognizing Your Potential
The Dangers of Bottled Water
The First Chiropractic Patient
The Throw Away Society
The Uniqueness of You
You're Not so Dumb
What Do You Call a Person?
Who Goes to a Chiropractor?
100% All Natural

Volume III Ð 14 articles
Do Your Children Need to Have Their Spines Checked?
Drugging Our Kids
Genius at Work
How's Your Body Chemistry?
Life or Death Postulates
Scary Movies and Rush Hour
Side Effects
Socialized Medicine
So Really, How Bad is Vertebral Subluxation?
Spines Adjusted?
The Fountain of Youth
Understanding Your Symptoms
Warning: The Chiropractic General
What You Can't See Can't Hurt You
Volume IV - 13
Chiropractic Success
Does Mother Know Best?
Don"t Know Much
Emotional Stress
For Every Illness There is
I Know the Value of Chiropractic Care
It"s All Good
Life Expectancy
Like a Snowflake
Message On a Bottle
Nutrition Can Be An Important
The Cause of All Disease

Volume V Ð 12 articles
A Day in the Life of Your School-Age Child
Alternative Medicine
Anything Can Cause Anything
Are You Present or Future -Focused?
Better Living Through Chemistry?
Clean Rooms, Chaos, and Chiropractic
Happy Thoughts for Difficult Times
Listening To Your Body
The Great Divide
The Key to Better Performance
What If?
When All Else Fails

Volume VI Ð 13 articles
More Energy
Clearer Thinking, Concentration and Memory
Less Stress
A Longer Life
More Sleep
Greater Value from Your Exercise
More Balanced Body Chemistry
More Hours in Your Day
Increased Income-Earning Capacity
Improved Relationships
Improved Performance
Better Digestion
Enjoy Life More

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